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{Tutorial} How To Create a Torrent with Simple Steps!!

Discussion in 'Tutorials/Guide' started by [HK], Dec 1, 2016.

  1. [HK]

    [HK] Super Mod

    How To Create a Torrent with Simple Steps!!

    Open your torrent client like μTorrent, BitTottent etc...

    Step - 1

    Click Create New Torrent (or) Press CTRL+N


    Step - 2

    Click Add File for adding a file,
    Click Add Directory for adding a directory (Folder)

    Step - 3

    Remove the existing trackers and add new trackers (which is mentioned below)

    Step - 4

    U can add Ripper Name, Site Name etc..(Optional)

    Step - 5

    Tick only Start Seeding and untick others

    Step - 6

    Click Create & then save .torrent file


    Step - 7

    Keep Seeding!!


    Here list of Working Public Trackers


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  2. RDLinks

    RDLinks Administrator

    Very useful post :rock:
  3. sarkar

    sarkar Member

    Nice informative post.
  4. rapid

    rapid Administrator

    Very good thread i like it.
  5. VenkyR

    VenkyR Member

    @[HK] thanks for the INFO. if i seed a file, in which site it will upload and how to download the .torrent file of my upload