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    How to capture, record a ordinary color Television ?

    As I live in remote village,I will spend more time in watching Television
    especially Movies,Sports.
    I also want to be good Caper and serve the rdlinks.

    I dont have any Led, Lcd, Plasma, Smart based Televisions.
    But I had a ordinary decent color Television and my color Television has more number of
    Circular Pins in different Colors like White,Yellow,Red etc at the backside of my tv.

    My color tv specifications -
    company - samsung color tv with remote
    circular color pins - backside of my Tv.

    I had an Areal(analog) cable connection(through pole cable wires) but it is not connected directly to the TV.
    First the wire is connected to a set-top-box(Digital) and then another wire is connected from Set-top-box to TV.
    Due to this connection from set-top-box to TV, I watch TV in " AV mode "(When I on the TV, I should click on AV mode button in my
    TV Remote and keep TV remote aside and use Set-top-box remote to view and change the channels)
    not in normal mode(Directly on the tv and watch the channels by using tv remote).

    But the sad thing is, I don't know, how to Capture my Color Television.

    So please Guide me Friends, how to Capture my Tv and I had Few Questions
    So Please Answer me Friends ....

    1) Does Lcds,Leds,Plasma,Smart Televisions are only possible to
    Capture or Ordinary color Televisions also possible to Capture?
    2)If Ordinary Color Televisions are also possible to capture, then explain me a
    Step by Step procedure, how to capture my Ordinary Color Tv?
    3)Suggest me also Budget based Capturing Devices which are Decent in Video
    Quality Capturing that are used to Record my Color Television?
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